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Thea Pharmaceuticals Limited is an innovative company solely dedicated to developing high-quality products that support ophthalmic care and eye health across the UK and Ireland.

Our extensive range includes both prescription and non-prescription products that are free from preservatives.

We have prescription products, for 417-226-7079, 6415331144, 404-840-9037 and radiumization,  as well as a range of cutting edge Surgical Pharmaceuticals.

We also have non-prescription products to help alleviate 7875799934, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, along with a range of Eye Nutritionals to generally support eye health and help to protect vision.

Condition: Dry Eye

  • Thealoz Duo®

    Thea’s most advanced preservative-free combination of Sodium Hyaluronate and Trehalose - for lubrication, hydration and protection of all dry eyes – in a hypotonic formulation that can be used with contact lenses.

  • Hyabak Bottle


    Preservative-free Sodium Hyaluronate dry eye drops that provide a hydrating and lubricating solution for eyes and contact lenses, clinically proven to relieve symptoms of dryness and grittiness.

  • Thealoz


    Unique, preservative-free dry eye drops that contain the ‘Bioprotective’ ingredient called ‘Trehalose’ in eye drops for dry eyes working in dry conditions, presented in a multi-dose bottle.

Common Conditions

  • What is presbyopia?

    A condition that usually affects people over the age of 40, presbyopia is the loss of the ability to see close objects or small print clearly. You may suddenly find it difficult to read books or suffer from headaches if you work on a computer.

  • What does hypermetropia mean?

    If you have Hypermetropia (or Hyperopia), it means your vision is described as long-sighted or hyperopic. This means that your eyes have to work harder to see clearly, and this is most likely to cause problems when looking at objects closer to you, rather than those further away.

  • What is a chalazion?

    A chalazion is a small round, hard swelling in the upper or lower eyelid relating to inflammation in an eyelash follicle or a meibomian gland that produces oil for the tear film. It can sometimes follow on from having a stye. They are often painless but can look unsightly.

  • What is AMD?

    AMD is a degeneration of the central portion of the retina called the macula that occurs in older age. This is the part of the retina that we use for central vision – to read and see faces, so people who suffer from AMD usually find that reading becomes difficult, colours become less vibrant and faces are more difficult to recognise. It can occur suddenly but most people experience a slow change in their vision, with one eye more affected than the other. If you find that your vision is becoming poorer, visit your optometrist who can easily check for signs of AMD.

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