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Whether you need assistance evaluating your DWI or criminal case, guidance on a current situation or advice when the police are at your door, legal help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Mr. Olson has more than sixteen years of experience as a criminal and DWI lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has successfully represented individuals in situations similar to the one you may be currently facing. He can provide the legal counsel you require with professionalism and tenacity, and has successfully handled thousands of criminal defense cases in numerous areas including:

More than a decade of criminal defense & DWI experience in your court.
With more than 16 years practicing as a criminal lawyer in Minneapolis, Mr. Olson has successfully handled cases throughout Minnesota for defendants facing sexual assault, drug possession, DWI / DUI charges and many others. As a result, he is deeply familiar with each county’s local practice rules, judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court personnel.

You benefit from this breadth and depth of experience because only Mr. Olson will handle your case. It will not be handed off to another attorney or paralegal. Above all, Mr. Olson is focused on achieving the most favorable results for his clients. He will work with you and your support network to educate you on your situation, investigate your case, and maintain regular contact to ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout every stage of the proceedings.

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A network of resources.
Being charged with a crime or DUI can be emotionally draining for you and your loved ones. Throughout his years of practice, Mr. Olson has developed significant partnerships and a network of resources that offer assistance to help defendants overcome emotional challenges related to criminal charges, such as chemical dependency and psychological counseling.

As well as community resources, Mr. Olson utilizes numerous avenues when working on your case. While police investigations play a part in exploring the situation, Mr. Olson never relies solely on police accounts. Instead, he and his team gather facts from numerous resources related to your case. Plus, he starts his investigation early, a practice that can often lead to successful results before the case ever reaches the courtroom. Contacting Eric J. Olson sooner than later could mean the difference in your favor.

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If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges or a DWI, (513) 728-9883. Mr. Olson is always glad to meet with you for a free consultation at his office in the Minneapolis metro area or any convenient location. If you find yourself in jail or any emergency situation, call Olson Defense before you talk to the police.

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